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Topics will be covered with this blog : –

  1. What was Before cloud
  2. What is the cloud?
  3. Service models of the cloud 
  4. Deployment models  of  the cloud
  5. famous cloud platforms 

First of all, we need to understand the situation before cloud so now let’s take an example of hosting a website before cloud you need to purchase a workstation, servers so we need to spend a lot more money which is obviously we need to consider as a key factor. There are a lot of issues comes with the purchasing there resources like the issue of traffic for hosting a website, monitoring and maintaining the servers, etc.

as I mentioned servers are very much costly so we need to take care of each and everything including monitoring, maintenance,  troubleshooting, it will take a lot of time to fix the issues sometimes  so there is a focus issue also comes in the picture  because  if you are in business you need to make good decisions to run the business but if you are facing troubleshooting issues on a regular basis then on the same time you also need to focus on the infrastructure so either you could be a multitasker or you need to hire people for the same , it will also cause money spending on it .

Also, websites will not get decent traffic every day because sometimes we receive low traffic and sometimes we receive high traffic so it’s very hard to maintain the ups and downs. we also need to add some additions components if you receive bulk traffic, after some time when you receive a downside then sometimes you will not able to maintain the extra hardware or additional components.

So apart from all of the issues,  if I talk about today’s scenario then the important thing is the amount of data is generating nowadays is far more than comparison to past because everything is online so the amount of data which will generate is huge so we need bulk space (data centres ) to maintain the data which is also very much expensive.

So for resolving all of the issues, the cloud comes in the picture.

So how cloud is different from all

The cloud platform is combining different workstations in one place including (Primary servers, backup servers, Db servers, Mx Servers, etc). Over the cloud service provider will give you the services on a rental basis so you only need to pay some money for the services including the amount of space and according to the time usage.  So you only need to focus on the business you don’t need to think about security, services, maintenance, etc because everything will be handled by cloud service providers.

Now What is cloud ?? again

It is nothing an ability or its a place you can store the data and access from anywhere all you need a good internet connection. So you can manage your applications, servers from anywhere.

Some of the characteristics of the cloud are the following:-

Storing data/applications on remote servers

Processing data/applications from servers

Accessing data applications via the internet

Service Models in the cloud?

cloud models

SAAS: –  Basically you are just you the services that are there everything will be mange by the cloud providers like security, ups, downs, etc.

PAAS:- Here you have provided a platform where you need to create your own platform and create your own app that will be taken care of by you. like, Google platform where you need to create an app and upload it to store.

IAAS:- the whole infrastructure is provided to you where you need to create your own structure. the only basis part is managed by the owner and you need to create your own operating system also you need to crate tor own architecture and deploy their services as per your need.

Deployment Models: —

Public Cloud: – This cloud is available to everyone so the service provider who makes resources such as applications, storage, available to the general public over the internet. It is a very inexpensive setup because hardware, application, and bandwidth are covered by the provider. you only need to pay for the resources what you use.

Private Cloud: – Here the service provider offers hosted services to a limited number of people where you create your own app and you can publish. All types of security including firewall are taken care of by the provider. This type of cloud gives direct control over data to the companies.

Hybrid Cloud: – Here it is a mix to public and private. for example, you can create your own app use it privately now if you are receiving the traffic so now can publish the app to the public cloud where everyone can access the application.

Community Cloud – It is a mutually shared model between organizations that belong to a particular community such as banks, government organizations, or commercial enterprises. Community members generally share similar issues of privacy, performance, and security. This type of deployment model of cloud computing is managed and hosted internally or by a third-party vendor

Famous Server Provider: —

  1. Amazon web services
  2. Google Cloud Platform
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. DigitalOcean
  5. IBM Cloud
  6. Terremark

So I will be only focusing on the famous cloud providers

Amazon cloud provider is very much popular among all because it leads another cloud provider way behind. If you can say about the compute capacity so amazon web services are providing 6x compute capacity as compersion to all other.

Azure is a Microsoft product which usually focuses on the services similar to Amazon

GCP by googling it is basically famous for providing cheapest services with certain features including performance analysis, usage analysis, etc.

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