Well-known Damn Vulnerable Applications

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This list is a compilation of the various types of applications which is intentionally made insecure and famously known as “Damn Vulnerable”. These applications are made to help security enthusiasts learn/sharpen their skills in the field of information security and penetration testing.

Disclaimer: The projects and its credit goes to the creators of these amazing projects

Web Applications

  • Web Application: https://github.com/ethicalhack3r/DVWA
  • Word Press: https://github.com/vianasw/dvwps
  • Node JS: https://github.com/appsecco/dvna
  • Web Sockets: https://hub.docker.com/r/tssoffsec/dvws/
  • Python: https://github.com/anxolerd/dvpwa

Web Service Applications

Source Code

Thick Client

Mobile Application

Crypto & BlockChain

OS Related

Cloud Infrastructure

IoT and Hardware

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