Build the IPA From Device and IPA Container Analysis

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First Lets build the IPA from the Phone : –

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the IPA container consists of all the files that come along with the application when installed from the Apple’s App Store or any other source. So, the files in this directory will remain same throughout in a particular version of an application.

The structure of this directory for ‘Wordpress’ application is depicted in the following screenshot.

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Many important information can be obtained about the application from the files in these directory. All the possible components of the Bundle Directory of a native iOS application are explained below


The Data Container

The “Data” directory or the Local Data Storage container consists of the files that the developer wishes to store for the application during the time which the application is installed on the device.

The files may be used for caching information for quick access or storing offline infoon as a backup for resuming the application from the point at intended by the developer. So, the files in this directory and also the information in the files will keep on changing while the application is in use as coded by the developers.

Very critical information about the user or the application might be obtained from these files depending on what information is intended to be stored by the developer in this directory. Some of the possible components of the “Data” directory of an iOS application are explained below:


iCloud IPA Container :-


This directory contains data that iCloud enabled iOS applications use. The files in this directory are meant to stored and updated by the sources where a user decides to update the file from.

It consists of usually two parts

  • Documents- The files in this directory are meant to be read and updated directly by the user. These files are backed up to iCloud regularly to keep in sync.
  • Data- These files are not meant to be edited or added directly by the user. Data may be kept in different directories as desired by the developer.

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